Bayfield to Kincardine

So on Wednesday morning the Mystery Lady (Steve and Jean) departed to head back to our home port in Algonac.  MnM, and Lil R&R, decided to head up to Kincardine, Ontario.  Sheryl and Rod had never been there before, and wanted to go to a new port.


Bayfield to Kincardine is about 40 nautical miles, and we had absolutely flat waters as we headed out of Bayfield.


As we proceed north, the water got flatter and the temperature continued to rise :-).   Being faster than us, Lil R&R passed us and disappeared ahead of us.  A little while later, they called us on VHF to let us know they had decided to shut down before heading onto Kincardine to take advantage of the water.  What a great idea!!

So off in the distance we saw a dot, and as we got closer Rod called me on the VHF to let us know it was them and not a faction of the Georgian Bay Pirates (or were they??  Hmm.  ). Anyhow we trusted them, and brought MnM up close to them where we too shut down and proceeded to enjoy Lake Huron at its best.


We let the two boats drift close, and immediately jumped into water that had to be 80 degrees at the surface, and in the 70’s a little deeper (don’t worry, someone was always on one of the boats). Once Melodie convinced Sheryl that her “Little Blue Whale” that is always watching her was friendly, Sheryl joined Melodie on a float to drift around in the water.  What a blast!!


So, our short jaunt of about 2 hours turned into about a four hour journey, in which we reveled in just how wonderful the fresh water of the Great Lakes is.  We then proceeded to head into Kincardine approaching 5:00 PM, and proceeded to continue our socializing over some libations and world famous hotdogs (of which Rod and Sheryl ate eight.  In what combination I’ll never know!! LOL).  What a perfect day.


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