The final leg of our 2018 journey

At this point of our trip the MnM has been out and about almost a month, and as such we started getting the feeling it was time to start the return leg of our journey.  Furthermore, the other boats we were traveling with – Mystery Lady, Lil R&R and Fixation – all had a need to get back to the home port as work or other commitments awaited them.  So we left Meldrum bay on Wednesday August 15th, to start the bounce down the eastern side of the lower peninsula of Michigan.  This gave us a couple of days of weather window in the event we ran into some uncomfortable seas along the way.

Southern Leg of Trip (1 of 4)

The ride from Meldrum Bay to Presque Isle was once again remarkable; we have literally had a month of excellent seas on all the lakes, and we took a leisurely ride down the Mississauga Strait en-route to Presque Isle, about a two-hour run for us.

Southern Leg of Trip (2 of 4)

As we arrived in Presque Isle, we saw a lot of activity out in the lake, helicopters flying overhead and lots of boat activity.  Come to find out, the military was conducting some practice out there, and furthermore, we also found out they had emptied the fuel dock of gasoline, which all of the other boats we were traveling with needed.  So, we ended up tying up to our slips with plans for them to get fuel tomorrow afher they restocked.

Had a great dinner at the restaurant in the marina facilities and spent the evening playing “Man Against Humanity” card game.  Man – our friends really get into the gutter fast!  It was a lot of laughs.

The following day we set off to go to East Tawas – a number of people wanted to go there as they had not been there in a long time.  Another good ride.  About ten miles from our destination Steve sendt out a call regarding potential weather coming into the area, so we made a last-minute decision to alter course and head for Port Austin on the tip of the thumb.  Not a big impact, only adding a couple of NM to the overall ride down Saginaw Bay.  Had dinner at the Sportsman’s Inn, then walked a bit around town and had a brief Meeting on the dock (no, actually cocktail hour 🙂 ).  Steve knows this town really well.  It was fun to hear about his adventures around here!

Southern Leg of Trip (3 of 4)

The next morning we had breakfast in town and then headed out for the next leg, from Port Austin to Lexington.  About halfway there we got into a bit of a chop out of the south, I’m guessing three footers, that smacked us around a bit, but not really too bad given how fortunate we have been for the past month.  Lexington was very overcast and quiet.  We did some R&R on the boats, then went into town for dinner.

The next morning we had flat seas all the way from Lexington to AHC.  Everyone took their time, and reminisced about the wonderful trip each had, with thoughts of a return trip in the near future.

Southern Leg of Trip (4 of 4)

Well, that’s it.  Another trip under our belt. Once again we had a great time, and especially liked connecting with our friends for the second half of the trip.  MnM performed admirably once again with nary an issue.  We are very fortunate to have had such a great journey, and to also have such wonderful friends to travel with.

Till next time!!


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