The Benjamin Islands


Saturday morning we bid farewell to Ken and Melissa onboard the Dealership, as they needed to head back to reality back at home.  We had a wonderful time with them, and as they left, we wiped away our tears, waved our Orange Crush cans and sang aloha-eh to them as they drifted away (OK maybe not… scene from Joe vs the Volcano).  After that we knew the party at Little Current was over and we left a bit later, after everyone had taken care of any refuels or pump outs that were needed.  We decided to take the scenic route to the islands, up the Wabuno Channel, and around and over to the Benjies.

Once we arrived, I tried to get us snaked into our favorite little anchorage on the south side of South Benjamin near the Sow and Pigs, but to no avail.  So, we started snooping around, including checking out Croaker Island locations that Rod and Sheryl had anchored in before.  Even they were pretty full, so on we went continuing our search  for empty spots in the parking lot.  We finally decided to check the bay between North and South Benjamin (where most people go).  It just so happened that we found a great spot there near North Benjamin, and decided – THIS IS IT!!  The rodeo began, anchors flying in all directions, people ducking, the boat crews deploying fenders and bringing our group of four boats together. Was such a scene that we were able to scare several boats out of the harbor.


Once anchored, we all marveled at the scenery that surrounded us.  It was the first moment of silence since we met up with the group.  It was a bit scary, but it didn’t last too long as Steve plopped his dinghy in the water and we all got back to normal.  Once all dinghy’s were launched, we took a quick exploratory ride around our immediate surroundings to decide our explorations for the next day.  So tonight we will enjoy the tranquility of the North Channel, and the great friends we are with.

The Benjamin’s are truly one of several gems in the North Channel, and the surroundings provide places to explore that could span days.  It had been several years since we were here and pictures truly do not do this area justice.

We plan to be here two days before moving on.

More to come!



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