Little Current

After spending a wonderful two nights in Covered Portage Cove, we decided to head off to Little Current to replenish, with whatever people needed (A shower, Fuel, Pump-out, provisions, laundry, libations – did someone say libations?).  Landsdowne Channel was flat, and the ride north of Heywood Island persisted with a completely flat ride all the way to Little Current.

Photo courtesy of Fixation

Once there, we were able to secure dockage along the wall of Little Current, right in the middle of town.  When the MnM crew was last at Little Current, all that was available in town was the breakwall, and if a space wasn’t available you needed to get real friendly with other boaters in hopes of rafting off – if they would let you.  Otherwise you might get a slip at Spider Bay marina.  Since that last visit Little Current has made significant improvements to support boaters (and pirates like us), with a series of terrific docks and facilities.

Little Current Swing Bridge (1 of 1)

Anyhow, we all got settled in, and part of the group took over the dock we were on by setting up a cocktail lounge – yes, more drinking –  that prevented passing by all other boaters (just kidding).  Spent a great afternoon on the dock, playing back their experiences anchoring out and making plans for the coming days in the Benjamin’s.  That was followed with… guess what… dinner and more libations (I travel with a thirsty bunch!) at the “Anchor Inn” restaurant in town.

Once we left the restaurant, we did discover that there was a pirate within the group, who somehow forgot about the insignia beer glass that was temporarily placed in his pants pocket.  Hmm.. pretty big pockets.  Was it a short term memory lapse or is he a scalawag… now I’m wondering about the company I’m keeping (Funny sidebar – I went up to our waitress and asked her if they sold the glasses.  She said “we used to, but people just took them so we stopped selling them?!?!).  Hmm, what alternative is one left with?

So, tonight we rest and ready ourselves for the next long journey, less than 20 NM to our next plunder – the Benjamin Islands!!


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