Covered Portage Cove

Covered Portage Cove is about 1.5 NM from Killarney, so we got up and took a leisurely cruise to see what opportunities we had to find an anchorage. Once we entered the cove, we did some initial exploration and were able to secure an anchorage alongside a 150′ granite cliff in about 12 feet of water. Once MnM was secured, the other boats (Mystery Lady, Lil R&R, The Dealership and Fixation) tied alongside and we secured the group for two days on the hook.

What a GREAT place!! The water here is clear and warm, and within minutes the dinghy’s were launched and the exploration began. For several in the group, this is the first anchor-out for them. My suspicion is that it is a location they will think about for years to come as it’s really special.

The evening was absolutely pristine, not a sound and not a ripple in the bay. The following day was met with a lot of exploring as well as a climb to the top of the cliff to see the view, and our anchorage. Everyone is having a great time, and already starting to think a subsequent trip up this way may be in order!

So, tomorrow we will likely be heading over to Little Current to replenish and get ready for our next outing into the wilderness!


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