Tobermory to Killarney

We headed out of Tobermory around mid-morning on Monday to cloudy skies but reasonable seas.  As we headed to Killarney, we decided to take a close cruise past Flowerpot Island to view the little and big flowerpot rock formations.Flowerpot Island Rock Formations (1 of 1)  We assumed things were going well when we got a call from Ken on Fixation that his dinghy had slipped off of his davits.  After numerous attempts to correct issues in 3 foot rollers, he decided it was time for help.  Fortunately Ken on the Dealership was close by and lent assistance as the other boats (MnM, Little R&R and Mystery Lady), slowly proceeded north towards Killarney.  the Ken-squared dynamic duo was finally successful in getting the dinghy loaded and secure, and we then all proceeded north to our Killarney destination.

While the two hour trip turned into three, it was a great ride as the seas settled out as we approached Killarney. All had a great ride and enjoyed a day of cloud cover.

Killarney Light (1 of 1)

Upon arrival into Killarney, we contacted the Sportsman Inn, and were able to secure overnight dockage.  Browsed around town, and had a great dinner at the lodge while a nice downpour occurred outside.  Hopefully the rain has an impact on the forest fires that have been in the region.


Tomorrow we will be heading somewhere in the Landsdowne channel for an anchorage for the next two nights.


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