The Arrival

Date: Saturday, August 4th.

Time: Roughly 12:30 PM

We heard a distinct rumble in the distance as a fleet of pirates came closer to the port. The town was ill prepared to handle what was about to happen, when suddenly and, hmm, perhaps some warning, the first vessel came into view. It was clear, Tobermory was about to get invaded by the Algonac Harbour Club Pirates. There was no stopping their relentless advance. With Cap’n Jack leading the way, the docks were quickly overtaken by the motley crew of 8 new arrivals, for what would be a good two days of uncontrolled harbor piracy. Actually, our friends had arrived!! They left Bayfield around 7:00 AM, and had a great ride up Lake Huron.

Once settled in, the dinghy’s were launched and the fun began. I decided to take a little ride around the harbor when two of the scalawags spotted me leaving port and commandeered my vessel and my trip of solitude. Solitude? Hmm, that changed! We did a fun jaunt over to Big Tub, took a lap around the shipwrecks at the bottom of the harbor, and were heading back to town when suddenly I hear “Dare Ya?”, “I Double dare ya!!”, Two splashes later, both Melissa and Sheryl were in the water, enjoying the fresh and cool waters of Big Tub, and were laughing like crazy. All of the vacation home dwellers came out of their cabins to see what the ruckus was, and once they saw that it was a bunch of boaters in the water, quickly shuttered their doors and pulled the shades down. This left me with a question… how do these two get back into the dinghy?… Well, I guess the water was cool enough that they were encouraged to leap out of the water with one jump each. Once back on board, We took the dinghy back to Little Tub and our boats, with plans to head into town for dinner. We had a great diner and laughs on the patio at the “Crows Nest”, with a great view of the harbor as the sun set. A great way to kick off the trip of the AHC gang.

So for Sunday our plans are to do more exploring of the Tobermory area, and to start heading up Georgian Bay on Monday. We all signed an oath to leave Tobermory as we found it…. sort of.

All the best!

MnM – and the AHC Pirates!

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