Mackinaw City to Tobermory, Ontario

The run from Mackinaw City to Tobermory is roughly 137 NM, so we decided to get an early start out of Mackinaw City. We left at precisely 7:00 AM, in light rain and calm seas. As we progressed east-southeast, we watched a thunderstorm pass from west to east in front of us, and beyond that, the skies gradually cleared as we approached Tobermory. Our plan was to enter Georgian Bay north of Cove Island, and as we got closer to the Island, (roughly 10 NM) the Tobermory region let us know that it was not pleased with our absence from the area for any extended time. The waves built to around 3′ and occasional 4′ on the starboard bow. It wasn’t unpleasant, but with winds out of the south at around 20 knots, it did offer the occasional spray of water on the boat. Melodie loved it because whenever I opened the side window (I like the airflow), we’d hit a wave and I’d get a quick cool shower. Anyhow, we rounded Cove and entered Tobermory Harbour (Little Tub) around 1:30 in the afternoon.

Once in the harbor, we topped off fuel for our time in Georgian Bay and the North Channel, and the skies went from cloudy to blue with light clouds. Tob’ was happy to see us again after all.

We spent the rest of the day wandering around the city and taking in some Whitefish and Fries at the “Fish & Chip Place” on the southern side of the harbor. Then back to the boat to relax and enjoy being back in Tobermory.

Today we did a quick cleanup on the inside of the boat and the hull, did some laundry, then a dinghy ride over to Bug Tub. Ended the ride with drinks and appetizers at “Coconut Joes Harbor Bar and Grille”. The waitress there as well as some other people we’ve spoken to have told us that the smoke from the Parry Sound fire had been here two days ago, and was so intense that the Tobermory City council had to issue a statement telling people there were no fires in this area, it was all smoke from over 50 miles away that had drifted across Georgian Bay. Let’s hope we don’t encounter that anywhere we travel over the next few days.

So tonight we’re hanging on the boat, getting to know some people from Collingwood – Greg and Amy, who are docked alongside us. Our friends have made it to Bayfield, and plan to get here early afternoon tomorrow for two weeks in G-Bay and North Channel. Should be a blast, provided Mother Nature is kind to us.

Take care, and speak to you soon!

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