Return to Lake Huron

So after a wonderful 10 days in Lake Michigan, its beautiful shoreline and superb harbors, it was time for us to head north and east again into Lake Huron, for our rendezvous with our friends on Tobermory Ontario. We were underway this morning around 9:00 AM, and the lake treated us wonderfully, again with less than one foot seas and skies laced with cumulus clouds. Since it was so nice and we were in no hurry to get anywhere, we took out time (around 18 knots), and did a leisurely cruise up around the tip of the lower peninsula back to Straits Harbor in Mackinaw City.

Here we did a refuel, pump out, and a thorough cleaning of the boat since it had not been done since we left our home port over 2 weeks ago. Most importantly, we changed our Virgin Islands burgee to our Canadian Flag burgee,in preparation for our next destination.

Straits is another gem of a harbor – great staff and service, and great facilities. We are here for an overnight and will leave early tomorrow morning for a run to Tobermory Ontario, about 130 NM southeast of here. The forecast is for < 1 meter (we’re looking at Canadian forecasts now), and should get in there early afternoon. For now, its more R&R, enjoying the sunset, and looking forward to meeting up with the gang.

For those of you coming up – I’m asking Mother Nature to be as kind to you as she has been to us – wonderful seas, fair weather, and safe travels.

See you soon!


One thought on “Return to Lake Huron

  1. Always a pleasure to read your travelogues. How long are you sailing this time? We just returned from Banff after a 10 day trip . Lot of hiking and exploring the wilderness; took the easier route of flying :-)) . Wish you the best of weather and fun time sailing.


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