Charlevoix to Petoskey, Michigan

Monday morning we woke to beautiful skies, and when we started heading out of the Charlevoix marina we both looked at each other and said, “Lake Charlevoix is right here, since we’re in no hurry to get to Petoskey, why not make a run down the lake?” SO WE DID.

It was a beautiful run, about 10 NM to the bottom of the lake near Boyne Mountain. A perfectly flat lake, and beautiful homes along the way. We took a number of photos (some below), and were sending them to our friends via text along the way.

Our good friend Ken suddenly sent us a text “TURN AROUND, TURN AROUND IMMEDIATELY!! You cannot get to Petosky from there, unless you go over land!!” Which he was right!! Well we knew that, and also indicated to him that our rule number one was to never cross solid land with a boat – bad idea; we were just taking a side excursion. After easing his concern, promising him some form of treat when we saw him, etc. we continued our journey – turning around once we got to the bottom of the lake then heading back from where we came.

We went under the bridge again, with a cocky degree of confidence, passing other boaters who were waiting as though we knew something, and headed out into Lake Michigan, again eastbound to Petoskey. Like Lake Charlevoix, Lake Michigan was also flat, so we throttled back and took a good hour and a half to get to Petoskey. It was a great ride.

So at this point we are in Petoskey, Melodie is reading some trashy novel and directing me to keep up with the blog posts, so that is what I’m doing. We’re here for a couple of days, then its back to Mackinaw City for a refuel and pumpout (funny – pumpout was auto-corrected with pumpkin 🎃 ) – maybe I should have left it. LOL



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