Suttons Bay, Michigan

So yesterday we harrowed Grand Traverse bay for almost two hours, as we idled along in flat water for a total distance of nine nautical miles to Suttons Bay, Michigan.

The sky was overcast and we did get some rain, which was really good as I have not washed the boat since I left Algonac (yes, I know, this is way out of the norm for me… I promise I’ll return to normal once I get back)!

Since it was cloudy out, we spent the day wandering around town, me following Melodie from one store into another. I spent most of my time sitting on the benches outside the stores (of course), thinking that its better I don’t know what she buys, just let her do her thing and stock up on stuff she’ll forget she bought. Makes Christmas shopping easy for me. I remember where she put the stuff when she gets home. She forgets, then at Christmas I wrap it and she’s so surprised with my good taste!!

Last night we stayed on the boat. Melodie prepared some chicken I originally planned to barbecue, but with the rain we pan grilled them onboard. That and some steamed veggies were really great after some heavy indulgences over the past several days. After that we touched base with the support team back in Algonac, a call that took some interesting and fun turns as the conversation revolved around Steve’s new Chinese signage for his boat, and various antics by Ken and Sheryl, providing play by play dialogue on their interpretations of the Chinese instructions.

We woke this morning to clear skies, and as the day went on it warmed up to around 77 degrees F. Absolutely beautiful. We launched the dinghy off the MnM and took a leisurely cruise around Suttons Bay, stopping along the way at a beach, and eventually ending up stopping at a winery, where we shared a bottle of wine and a terrific artisan pizza. After that we went on the dinghy once more, and stopped along the way at another beach.

While there, Melodie expressed deep sadness that over the course of her entire life she had never found a Petosky Stone. So, after wiping away her tears, I encouraged her to start looking and shortly thereafter, she found one, and did her happy dance all over the beach. Fortunately I was the only one to witness this behavior, so she will remain under my oversight for a little longer, until someone in a professional capacity witnesses the same.

To support her deep sadness, I too started looking for Petosky Stones for her, and in my pursuits, found several more, including the whopper of all Petosky stones (IMHO anyway). So instead of her being happy about it, she got all snarky, saying things like “Huh, so I suppose its OK to put that one on board eh!?!?” (Some of you may remember the other rocks in the bilge discussion, so I wont repeat it here). In any event, yes, its now on board, and MnM has a small list, but I’m not admitting it.

So, we dinghy’d back to the boat, and did some R&R till later in the afternoon. Not feeling hungry after our lunch,we took a walk back into town to burn off some calories, and did a pre-sunset drone flight for some pictures of the area.

Suttons Bay is a really pretty part of Leelanau Peninsula. The town is great, and the waters of the bay are truly spectacular – crystal clear. Also nice at this time of year as its had a chance to warm up. I’m pretty sure the water temp was in the mid 70’s along shore – really comfortable.

Well, that’s it for now. Tomorrow we are headed off for another long trek – about 20 NM to Charlevoix. Have a great evening!!


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