Leland to Northport

After a couple of great days in Leland we decided to head over to our next stop – Northport, Michigan.  BUT, before we did that, we HAD to make a trip further down Lake Michigan to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.  After all, its only 20 miles away!!

DJI_0178 (1).jpg


So we took a very leisurely ride down the lake in maybe one foot seas to the Sleeping Bear Dunes.  What a terrific place!  We idled along, looking at the spectacular formations and sheer beauty of the Lake Michigan coastline.  Half the time I didn’t know where Melodie was, as she was busy taking pictures and leaving the navigating to me – I LOVED IT!!


DJI_0186 (1).jpg

Once we got as far south as we planned, we anchored the boat alongside the dunes in about 20 feet of water.  What an experience!  In 20′ the bottom looked like it was about 6 feet below the boat, with every detail perfectly clear.  When you looked up at the dunes, they were literally on top of you, looming up and above the boat by several hundred feet. When we were here last year by car we said we would do this, and it was awesome that we were here now, actually doing it.  So, we relaxed, took some pictures, and celebrated with the infamous FNBA shortee before starting to head on to Northport.

If you are ever in this area by boat, you really need to take the time to anchor alongside one our our national treasures.  It is really something you will never forget.



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