Leland Michigan

DJI_0169 (1).jpg

Fishtown.  We woke this morning to a light fog in the harbor.  Clear blue skies overhead and a great opportunity for some photos.  So, I got going and went over to the area known as Fishtown – a congregation of old buildings, some dating into the 1800’s that have stood the test of time and are now a mix of retail “vacation place” items as well as fresh and smoked fish, cheese stores, and charter fishing businesses.  After taking some photos, I was on special assignment  my buddy Ken wanted sharp cheddar cheese.  So, I picked up some 2 year and 8 year and I’m going to see if he really knows the difference!!

After that, Melodie and I did some browsing, her in the home goods stores, and me at the Leland distillery.  we both came out with the essential items we needed and headed back to the boat.  While there, Ed and Ruth a couple on a 37’ish Marionette came by and asked us over for wine on the bridge of their boat.

Ed and Ruth are from Traverse City, but keep their boat in Leland.  We spent a wonderful time with them, as they shared their home made red wines, which IMO tasted a lot like Copolla Cabernet Sauvignon, it was a great wine.  While we were onboard, Ed showed us the complete redo they had done on their boat, AKA, they gutted the boat.  A complete redo, including all electrical systems, raising the sleeping area to provide more headroom, a standalone shower, full gally, and all done in cherry harvested from their property in Traverse City.  And Ed is 80 years old!  Wow, what a terrific way to be enjoying the boating life. Ruth was a former professional water skier, and clearly provided encouragement and support of their boating lifestyle.  The boat looked fantastic and what a terrific couple!

That night I took the honors of chief cook, and barbequed some Pork Medallions with a special garlic and herb seasoning.  Melodie did saute’ mushroomes, steamed broccoli and cauliflower. Yummy!!

After that, while getting ready to settle in, Melodie was doing the dishes, when suddenly the freshwater pump stopped working.  So, my evening was spent in the bilge, working on the water pump to find that the power line connected to the micro-switch on the pressure regulator had vibrated loose, and needed to be reattached to the terminal  (Ken F. – this is why you have a DVOM on board!!).  A couple of hours wet hours later (Mel loved it when I said flip the circuit breaker, as she knew I would get sprayed with water), all was good and it was time to call it a night.  So, I got a unexpected shower, and have a new spare ordered for pick-up in Petosky and didn’t get my ice cream cone for dessert. (That’s my standard operating procedure.  If I tweak or fix something, I buy a spare).

Having a great time!!


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