Mackinac Island


Hello everyone!  Our last two days have been spent on Mackinac Island doing pretty much what everyone else does:  Breakfast, a bike ride around the island with a stop half way for fried pickles at British Landing (the very best according to Melodie), stops for refreshments, sampling fudge, lunch, stops for refreshments, looking into a couple of stores, dinner, stops for refreshments, back to the boat, nightcap….

Mackinac Island is a great place to spend some time and to unwind.  You can make it anything you want, from lots of activity, to just relaxing and walking or biking around.   Harbor accomodations are very nice and the staff here are very helpful.  Just to be forewarned, an east wind can cause some pretty strong surge in the harbor, when combined with the ferry boats during the day it can be pretty crazy.  You definitely want to tie your boat off off the dock and if possible, use snubbers on the lines.  We had one day and night of this, and after that it calmed down very nicely.

For those of you who don’t know, the island is filled with a lot of charm and is well worth spending some time to discover all it has to offer.  It is Melodie’s favorite northern climate island; she could spend several days here without hesitation.  The best way to enjoy the island is to spend time here, not just come over for the day on the ferry.  As it quiets down from all the day time tourists it takes on a whole different feel.

So the excitement is building as the Chicago to Mackinac sailboat race is due to start arriving sometime later today and throughout tomorrow.  They have hundreds of boats in the race and as such, we needed to leave the harbor by noon.  The lake is flat today so we made a short jaunt over to Mackinaw City – Straits harbor.  Straits harbor is really nice, with teriffic facilities.

Our plan at this point is to spend the night here, then to head west and down to Leland tomorrow.

Talk to ya soon!

Mike & Mel.


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