Vermillion, Ohio


Spent the entire day lounging around and exploring the town and the shoreline.  Vermillion is a really nice place with nice facilities and a very pretty harbor.  Melodie forced me up into town to buy pies based upon a recommendation from some people we met from Port Clinton who came here to spend a couple of days, part of their annual boating activities.

Melodie was suffering from a lack of shopping, so later in the day she forced me to walk up into town AGAIN to purchase home improvement items.  After that she treated me to happy hour and to dinner at ‘Touche Bistro’ which was really good.

We needed the walks, especially given how we’ve been enjoying our time on the boat and it felt really good to get a few miles in.

Assuming the lake is in the same mood we are, we are thinking about heading over to the islands tomorrow – which one is yet TBD.


We’ll keep you posted!!


And…the pie was great-peach!

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