Dunkirk NY to Vermillion, OH

Late last night we took a quick look at the weather for the rest of the week and decided to “eclipse” (yuk, yuk) our plans to visit Cleveland, and to go directly to Vermillion Ohio.  As such we got up early this morning and after a morning thunderstorm, set course for a run to Vermillion.

Morning at Dunkirk

Lake Erie was much nicer to us this morning, with 1 foot all the way.  So we made an

Eclipsing Lake Erie

extended day of it and went 179 miles from Dunkirk to Vermillion, stopping about 15 nm from Vermillion to enjoy the solar eclipse out in Lake Erie.  Great fun.

Dunkirk Lighthouse

We plan to spend the next couple of days here (or perhaps stopping by Kelly’s Island (as Melodie wants a pitcher of Brandy Alexanders for herself).

At this point we are within range of our home port, and are wondering if we should head that way or continue our journey…..  How far is Key West?



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