North Tonawanda, NY


So on Friday morning we woke up to a beautiful sunny and clear sky. While drinking coffee we entertained ourselves watching the machinery in front of us pulling all of those logs out of the canal. And I mean a lot of logs!! We learned from the lockmaster that these locks are the first obstacle in the canal system from Lake Erie and as such they get a lot of debris – of all kinds in the very spot we were tied up!!

Anyhow, after that we went up to “Steamworks Coffee” and had another coffee, a cinnamon roll (had to do it) then went on to the cave tour we stayed over for. It was pretty interesting as it was the original tunnel that was used to power early factories in the area, and used water power – not to generate electricity, but to drive the equipment.

After that we immediately headed back to the boat, cleared out a few more logs behind it, and backed up ~ 70 feet back into the main canal, did a 180, and continued on.

Loons are…. a bit looney? We had a Loon in front of us for about 4 miles, As we approached, it would take off, fly about 100 yards, and land right in our path. We’d approach, and it would repeat and do the same thing. Anyhow, it may have gotten tired, and finally just swam off to our port as we passed.
The rest of the trip today was pretty uneventful. A couple of things – the magenta line in Navionics is wrong around the first island on Tonawanda creek. Pass on the North side, not the South, unless you want to polish your props. On our travels we have found a lot of inaccuracies on the electronic chart – IMO most likely due to adjustments made in the aids to navigation based upon current conditions. Basic rule I’m following – trust the buoys and markers, use the charts as general guides. If you look at the track of our vessel in the Erie Canal compared to the chart you would think we were traveling over land about 1/2 mile south of the canal for a good part of the trip.

We arrived in North Tonawanda around 2:15 PM. WE HAVE TRAVERSED THE ERIE CANAL FROM OSWEGO TO HERE!! Yahoo!!
In total we have traversed 71 lock events so far, 16 lift bridges. Only one lock left – Rock Island, which we will use to enter the canal to avoid the rapids on the Niagara River, provided I turn south instead of north (which would be a bad idea, Niagara Falls and all!).
_DSC0892 (1)_DSC0894
We’re going to stay here till Sunday as Erie is forecasted to had 5 – 9 with occasional 11 today, just a little better Saturday, and is to settle to 1 – 2 on Sunday.

Maybe I’ll clean up the MnM tomorrow AM……


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