Palmyra to Pittsford, NY


Woke up to a picture perfect morning in Palmyra and continued our way west on the Erie Canal. The canal today transitioned from the river to parts of the canal that were dredged out, and in doing so the scenery opened up on both sides with a lot of park like settings. The communities along this section of the canal had taken advantage of the pathway's along the canal, and have converted them into walking and biking paths – really pretty settings.


While en-route to Pittsford, we stopped at Fairport just ahead of our first lift bridge. The lift bridge in Fairport is in "Ripley's Believe it or Not" because of a number of interesting aspects. First, its 700+ tons in weight, but is counter-balanced such that a 40 HP motor can lift it. Second, because no two angles are the same and there are no 90 degree angles.


We ended up stopping here for about 2 hours, had a great lunch at the "Tow Path Grille" (definitely recommended), and Melodie got very upset because I said no to Ice Cream, to which I finally succumbed to after her having a tantrum in front of several bystanders (just kidding). I also came across a GREAT guitar store on the south side of the canal – this place was jam packed with a lot of very fine instruments. A good place to explore for the guitar buff. No, I came away empty handed, but had a nice look-around.



Anyhow, after that we continued on to Pittsford. Pittsford, like Fairport, is a really nice town.  Lots of restaurants and stores to browse. Despite that we ended up eating onboard as lunch had pretty much filled us up. While walking around Pittsford I came across a "lumberyard" there that I decided to check out, and frankly, I was dumbfounded. Right alongside the canal it sits, and not only had a great old yellow lab at the entrance, had an amazing selection of lumber, both domestic and exotics in a variety of sizes. A truly awesome find. In addition, while looking around I came across a old Stanley "Bed Rock" plane for sale in really good condition, as well as some beautiful curly maple wood. Of course I could not resist, and ended up with both – my find for the trip.

Melodie also had success in one of the stores uptown, purchasing a bracelet that I needed to help her remove, after she purchased it of course. Hmm.. part of a shopping strategy?

The following morning we walked up to a terrific bakery by the canal, and indulged in Quiche, fresh fruit, and almond croissants. Not a bad start to the morning!

Off to Holley – All the best!



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