Montour Falls, NY


Friday morning started out a bit cloudy, but all in all the weather was warm and perfect for a trip down Lake Seneca to Montour Falls, NY. As such we proceeded through 1 more lock to get to Lake Seneca, for the 38 mile run to the bottom.

The lake was pretty calm, waves of one foot or less, so we made really good headway at 20.5 knots, and slowed down for the last 45 minutes or so as we were going to arrive a bit earlier than Jim, who had planned to get there around 3:00 PM to guide us to a slip for the weekend. _DSC0520Around 3:30 or so we got to Montour Falls Campground to meet up with Jim, Shelley, Heidi, and her children, Emerson and Cooper. We started getting introduced to all of their friends, and frankly got the feeling that they had known us for a long time (I wonder what kinds of stories in preparation Jim and Shelley had provided everyone? 🙂 ).

Anyhow, we were treated very kindly and found everyone to be really nice, fun and great to hang with. Shelley was returning from a business trip and arrived later that night. It felt really great to see them, since we had not seen them for at least a couple of years.

The following morning (Saturday) we loaded everyone up on the MnM and headed out to the lake, both to give Jim and Shelley a feel for the boat, but also to take a dip in the lake. We unloaded the dinghy and took the kids (Mike, Heidi, Emerson and Cooper) for a ride to the shallows, to do some messin around in the water. Just like being back at home. Melodie, Shelley and Jim stayed back on the boat for some libation and snacks. The kids were great fun, they sent me up nicely and got me wet, felt good.

After taking the boat back to the slip, we proceeded to the “Oar House” by dinghy for happy hour, and wrapped up the evening with some pizza and entertainment by J&S’s friends Jim and Mike – with some “interesting” twists on the lyrics for a few songs.

Sunday morning we said our good bye’s and made our way back up Lake Seneca to Seneca Falls for the night. At Shelley’s recommendation we had some great salads at Parker’s Grill.
Special thanks to Jim and Shelley – Heidi and family, and all of our new friends for making us feel so welcome and at home. We enjoyed it so much. If any of you get up our way, please look us up.


2 thoughts on “Montour Falls, NY

  1. Every time I read your blog I am inching towards retirement; even if I don’t have a boat:-). Enjoy my friend! I am so happy you are doing what you are doing. Stay away from the TV . It might depress you.

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