Clayton, NY

With the intent of being at the bottom of Seneca Lake on Friday, we decided on Sunday morning to spend the day exploring the Thousand Islands and to head to Clayton NY for the night.  Doing so would provide us plenty of time to navigate the Oswego River, Eirie Canal and Cayuga-Seneca canal prior to a run down Seneca Lake.  In doing so, we had a great time taking the northern route on the Canadian side through the St. Lawrence Seaway and meandering around the islands, then the Southern Route on the US side, going past Boldt Castle and through the American Narrows.  The current though that cut is UNREAL – for those in the know, its like going under the Blue Water Bridge in Sarnia – for several miles.  Really strong, with lots of whirlpools and eddy’s.  It was great fun.

Arriving in Clayton we were able to tie up along the municipal wall and caught the tail end of the Antique boat show that was going on.  We walked through town, and Melodie was really happy, as the town had several shops including one with “stickers” of the Thousand Islands, Clayton, etc.  She stocked up just in case of…. something, of which I do not know.  Maybe to tape over my mouth to shut me up?


Had a great dinner at Johnson House and spent the evening exploring the town and the marina adjacent to the municipal wall.

IMG_0722Found a fix me up for Nick, and also some really cool old boats – what style!  While there we also came across “Compass Rose” from, maybe Frankfort MI???  cannot remember – claiming right of retirement – a Back Cove 41 on the hard that was getting buffed up for the continuation of its Great Loop trip.








The next morning (Monday) we spent the time going back into the Antique Boat Museum.  This is a very worthwhile place to visit – the boats they have are really interesting, from dugout canoes to various speedboats and cruisers to several racing boats.  The information provided about boating history was really informative, and we had a chance to board a few of the boats to see what “innovations” they contained.  I’ve got to say – some of the layouts were really interesting and could be used today.

Early afternoon we headed from Clayton to Oswego, NY, a trip of about 60 miles out of the St. Lawrence and south in Lake Ontario.  MnM has now been in all of the Great Lakes except Superior (something it will experience on another journey).  Lake Ontario treated us well – so well that Melodie got comfy in the lounge area and read a book, eventually falling asleep and leaving all responsibility in my hands.  What freedom!!!


We arrived in Oswego later afternoon, fueled up, etc., and got all secured just prior to a great evening thunderstorm.

Great couple of days…..

Mike & Melodie.

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