Baldwinsville/Seneca Falls, NY


Left Oswego, NY precisely at our normal departure time (10:55).  I have no idea why that is – guess we’re boating creatures of habit at this point.  Headed down the Oswego river through 8 locks, traveled around 37 miles and arrived in Baldwinsville NY around 4:00 PM.


Baldwinsville, NY

We tied to the wall on the upper side of the lock, directly across from the Budweiser Amphitheatre there, and had really good seats on the stern of the MnM for a local band – who was really quite good – even I didn’t complain (might as well say it; if I don’t Melodie will).  A lot of people came to the park and by boat to watch the band.  One couple even danced on their boat, it was cute.


Got up the next morning and had breakfast at the ‘Canal Walk’ restaurant near the lock

-GREAT BREAKFASTS.  Great setting and a place with great character.  After that we spent some time walking through town and stocking up on some needed supplies before heading on to Seneca Falls.


Seneca Falls, NY

To get to Seneca falls we had three locks to traverse and around 37 miles to travel – down the Oswego River to Three Rivers Junction, then westward on the Erie Canal to the Erie Canal/Cayuga-Seneca junction.  Went through some really nice areas, including part of the canal through the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, before arriving in Seneca Falls that afternoon.


Seneca Falls has done a nice job of addressing boaters needs, with decent washroom facilities and immediately available washers and dryers – less than 50 yard from the wall.  We definitely plan to take advantage of that tomorrow.

In any event, we headed over to ‘Dewey’s Third Ward’ on a recommendation from Jim (of Jim and Shelley fame).  We were not disappointed, and took advantage of their $4.00 wings special (10 wings for 4 bucks) and a couple wrap sandwiches.  The walk there and back did us both good, and we then enjoyed a quiet night on the wall.


Decided to spend Thursday in Seneca Falls to get some laundry done, clean the boat and relax for the rest of the day.  After the hard work cleaning we had beverages and a light lunch at the Sequestered Tavern which was very good.  Another very nice day.


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