Thousand Islands – Gananoque, ON

We’ve made it to the Thousand Islands – St. Lawrence Seaway.

_DSC0179 (2)

Believe it or not, we left Waupoos this AM at…. 11:01.  Every day we travel it seems like the same time within 10 minutes.  Must have something to do with Melodie getting ready.  Melodie here: NOT!  Maybe Mike’s extended conversations with fellow boaters, which I think is great.  It’s nice to be around people who share your love of boating.

Anyhow, once again we took our time (15 – 19 knots) to head eastward to Gananoque and the Thousand Islands.  Entered the St. Lawrence at 1:00 PM, and arrived in Gananoque at 1:30, taking the ‘North Channel” route (made us kinda feel back in our home base).

Gananoque is a great town.  Once we arrived, we got to know our new dock neighbors who had a lot of recommendations as well as a nice dog, and headed into the city.  Spent some time at the antique boat museum, and were able to board a classic cruiser to get a feel for what it was like.  The layout was really interesting – some good ideas for even today.  A forward stateroom, followed by a raised gathering area (with rollup windows like found on cars!), followed by a galley, a stern stateroom and a gathering area to the stern, and a low pilot house on top with a LOT of room for seating your guests.  It was a really cool layout with a lot of classic touches.  The even an old Gar Wood boat from Marysville, MI.

_DSC0189 (1)

After that we went into the museum (that had some incredible tall ship models), then into town looking for “stickers” for Mel – she wanted to get them for her log book – unfortunately she has been woefully disappointed in all locations we have visited.  Canada just doesn’t seem to have stickers of the local areas, Melodie wanted to put them in our log book.  Seems like a business opportunity!!  Ended the day with dinner at an Irish pub, and then back to the boat.

So, tomorrow the plan is to anchor out int the 1K islands – weather permitting.  We’ll keep you appraised.

Take care.



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