Waupoos, Ontario

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Left Picton Ontario this morning (at our seemingly regular time – crack of dawn 10:55 am) to continue eastward in Bay of Quinte.  We woke to some pretty thick fog that burned off by 9:00 AM.  We had given some thought to anchoring out, but continued to be drawn to Waupoos based upon what we read about the region, the wineries, etc.  As such, we decided to head over there for a day.

The trip spanned about 2 hours as we took our time – around 15 knots, and enjoyed the scenery as we went through the rest of Bay of Quinte.  A really a beautiful area with a lot of potential anchorages.  We arrived at Waupoos around 1:00 PM and after securing the boat, pulled out our bikes and went for a nice ride along the road to the winery.  After sampling a number of the wines available, we ended up purchasing two whites and a cab for later on in our trip, perhaps when we get back to port or perhaps we do all three on a rainy day….

Waupoos is a very nice area, really clear water, and a water temp of around 78 degrees.  It was pretty hot so when we got back to the boat after our bike outing it didn’t take us  long before we were both in the water cooling off.  As per the Ports book the area immediately south of the marina and along the island is an excellent anchorage area, and had several boats there.  The Waupoos marina is also welcoming to boats that anchor out (they can use the bathroom and laundry facilities), I think that the next time we come here we will opt for doing so.

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For Erica 🙂

A number of sailboats arrived a bit later in the afternoon and we got to do a meet and greet with a number of people.  Met a very nice person from Quebec – Luke on ‘Suave’, who came onboard and gave us a great review of the Thousand Island area along with several recommendations based upon his time there over the prior two weeks.  Having heard about the high water situation there and comments about parts of the park being closed as a result, his information was very helpful and timely.  So…. off we go to The Thousand Islands and Gananoque.




Mike & Melodie.

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