Picton, Ontario

_DSC0118 (1)So, the morning we planned to leave Trenton, we got into a major conversation with several of the people around us on the dock, exchanging discussions about boating destinations, our kids, boats, boat accessories, and….. places for shopping.  Of course the female segment of the group could not emphasize more the importance of going to Picton for the shopping, so guess where we went?  (How is it the when the group of 50/50 male female votes, the 50% female vote wins?)

Anyway, it took us around two hours to go from Trenton to Picton.  We took our time going through the Bay of Quinte and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.  Upon arrival, we remembered that one of the couples we had spoke to had provided us their secret docking location in town (cannot tell ya, they might come looking for us), so we used their recommendation and ended up being pretty close to town, albeit a good workout walking up the hill to get to town (which after seeing some pictures of me today, I decided I needed to do about 1,000 times). It’s about 150 yards at a 90 degree incline, in both directions…. :-).

_DSC0126 (2)

We went up for refreshments and split an appetizer at The County Canteen which was very good.  The town was nice, some very old buildings that have been well maintained.  Melodie reports the shopping was pretty good, and they did have a very nice bookstore.  We decided to head back to the boat as a very menacing storm was approaching and we needed to close things up.  The storm turned out to be a whole lot of nothing, just a nice rain.

We went back up the hill later (yes, I did say I needed to do this about 1,ooo times) to check out a place that had entertainment every night called The Acoustic Grill. IMG_0692.jpg It was quite a popular place, pretty cool looking, good entertainment, and the food was great.  It made for a very nice evening.  Took another nice walk through the town before retuning to the boat.

IMG_0703.jpgThe next morning Melodie had not yet had enough, so she went back into town again while I stayed back at the boat doing boat stuff.  She did get some pretty good locally made BBQ sauce, especially since I didn’t have to walk back up that hill.  I know, a thousand times I need to do it, but I wasn’t in the mood.

So in summary, a good day in Picton.  Good exercise, good food, and….. good shopping.




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