The Final Countdown

¬†ūüé∂¬†dah da dah da, dah da dat dat dah…….ūüé∂


Leaving Cambellford we went through a series of locks, from 12 to lock 7. ¬†Locks 11 & 12 were another set of flight locks, which are pretty cool as you leave one and go immediately into the next lock. ¬†Had to do a “must stop” at ¬†Glenn Ross – lock 7 based upon an Ice Cream recommendation from one of the lock attendants at the preceding lock, and it was a good one!_DSC0972

Stayed there for about an hour taking in its tranquility and huge ice cream cones, then proceeded to our final destination for the day РFrankfort lock 6 where we stopped above the lock.  Lock six was a great place to stop Рvery nice facilities, including a nice camping and beach area immediately alongside the lock.  This lock was different in that it had hydro._DSC0975

The next morning had us on our way for the final 6 locks, which are about 1 mile apart.  Locking through was great as five out of six lock gates were open and they were waiting for us.



We went through Lock 1 – TRENTON!! ¬†We had completed our journey through the Trent Severn waterway – 43 locks, 240 miles! ¬†What a great time. ¬†Trent Severn is truly a great trip. ¬†Very nice people along the way, very friendly and helpful dock attendants, great scenery, a wide range of topology – ¬†from rocky terrain with narrow channels to marshland and forested areas…. with narrow channels! ¬†ūüė䬆 Great fun for those who like charting and navigating!

_DSC0071 (1)

In Trenton we refueled (96 gallons of diesel to get from Port Severn to Trent).  Mel was so happy she forgot to tip the gas attendant who was very nice.  Mike thought she seemed a little sad when we left and figured out later why when Melodie realized she forgot the tip.

Given the completion of this leg of the trip, we have decided to spend a couple of nights at Port Trenton Municipal Marina – what a beautiful place.

_DSC0073 (1)

Really nicely maintained facilities (laundry included with the dockage!!), great washrooms, barbecue areas and a short walk to town.

Celebrated this leg of the trip by going to dinner at the Port Bistro Pub.  Great food and friendly staff.

Spent Saturday going to the Front Street farmers market to get some fresh vegetables and things (like blueberry scones and almond croissants for breakfast). ¬†Melodie went back to where we refueled, found the girl she had stiffed the day before and made amends on the tip. ¬†She was quite surprised and said she would take back all the nasty things she said about us and apologized to the dog she had kicked (just kidding!). ¬†Followed that by spending a good part of the day doing a major cleanup of the boat – with a hard stop agreed to at happy hour. ¬†Whew, the boat needed a bit of a going over, and there were several people watching us from their boats thinking we were a bit crazy! ¬†Were they right or wrong…. you decide. ūüėú

OK, so now we’re here. ¬†Where next? ¬†Do I take Melodie or not? ¬†Started asking around and as we spoke to more people we got excited about possibilities in the Bay of Quinte (pronounced Quin-tay). ¬†We’ve been told about some great towns as well as anchorages (including one near several wineries…. hmm). ¬† ¬†Since we’re already here, it makes sense to explore it, as such the Thousand Islands may have to wait. ¬†So we’re currently in the¬†throes of planning that segment of our trip and will provide updates as we figure it out.

We were joined by a Sabre 38 today.

Wishing the best to all our our friends and family – we love hearing from you – Thanks!


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