Hastings to Campbellford

So, after breakfast at a nice coffeeshop and updating the blog using their Wi-Fi we went back to the boat.  One of the lock masters asked if we were planning on continuing down.  We said yes, and he asked if we could wait a bit as they had to add “logs” to the dam to slow the flow down, of course we could wait.  We went to watch, the “logs” were 10″ or 12″ by ~ 16 feet in length.  They added 4 or more, decreasing the flow of one spillway in the dam until one of the waterfalls was almost stopped.  It was interesting to watch.


Once they were done with that we went down Lock #18/Hastings, 9′ drop, to the Trent River/Canal.  Nice ride to Burnt Point Bay then Seymour Lake to a “true” flight of locks.  I say this because there were two locks back to back, Locks #16 & 17,  then Lock #15 about 400 yards away for a total drop of 76′.  _DSC0822Pretty cool, except the bugs, which were horrible!  Got one in my eye, a bunch up my nose, YUK!  Initially our plan was to stay here for the night…absolutely not!  Anyway, when we were in the back to back locks there were two other boats traveling with us and three boats coming up from downstream.  When we went down one lock level the others came up and we passed each other as we went into the opposing locks.  It was cool, except for the aforementioned bugs.  The people working the locks said they’ve never had bugs like this before, it has been a wet spring/summer for them.


_DSC0828So plan B was to continue on the Trent River/Canal through Lock #14, a 25′ drop, and Lock #13, a 23′ drop to the town of Campbellford.  Once we arrived, we tied up to the city docks, had pizza delivered to the boat (we were ready to be done for the night) and enjoyed a free concert in the park.  The weather is cool with intermittent rain and we are relaxed for the night (with good wifi here…yea!).  And no drama, i.e.: someone almost falling off the boat!!!




Only a “dirty dozen” locks left.  It’s been a blast, probably in Trenton by Friday.

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