Peterborough to Hastings

It was still cool and overcast when we woke up making it a good day for a long run down the Otonabee River at an idle.  After going through Little Lake back to the Otonabee we immediately went through Lock #19, an 8’ drop.  This lock is the last remaining limestone lock as it is the only one that hasn’t been updated in the system.  Works just fine.  The lockmaster here did tell us that last week water was still so high they were returning at midnight to open the dams wider to let more water out.  We had a long enjoyable run through the Otonabee to Rice Lake.  Was able to run on plane through this large, very pretty lake.  To the Trent River at the other end of Rice Lake we approached Hastings at about 2:00 PM.


We were discussing staying at Hastings vs continuing on to Healey Falls as we were enjoying our cruise when the decision was made for us.  The lock at Hastings never opened and a fellow cruiser came to advise us that the lock at Healey Falls was not working so they weren’t letting more boats through to cause a log jam of boats.  A piece of concrete apparently fell from the dam and broke a valve on the gate.  They had to drain the lock and were working on fixing, hopefully to be working by tomorrow (Wednesday).  It would have been cool if we had gotten down to Healey Falls to see the lock empty, oh well…we tied up at Hastings for the night.


Hastings is a very nice little town with an impressive dam and falls.  The water is still so high there are spill over falls.  The lockmaster told us that last year the water was so low you could walk across the river below the dam. Pretty hard to imagine with what we see now.

This morning while having breakfast we learned that the Healey Falls lock repairs had been completed and the locks are now open.

So off we go…

One thought on “Peterborough to Hastings

  1. Amazing pictures!.Thanks for sharing . I have started looking forward to reading your blog posts. Keep them coming and wish you the best.


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