Lock #22 to Peterborough


Woke up to some rain, cooler weather and overcast skies. Decided to move on to Peterborough with the hopes of better Wi-Fi (not so much) and a pump out which we deemed could be beneficial.

Sooo, we went through Lock #22, 14’ drop to continue down the Otonabee River to the mother of all lift locks! Lock #21 – Peterborough Lock, is the largest lift lock in the world with a 65’ drop.


While waiting for the lock we tied up to the blue line a walked up to the control center for pictures.

We met the lockmaster, what a nice guy and great experience. He gave us an overview of the lock, how it works and let Mike push the button to open the gate for our lock. As we were the only boat heading downstream we were able to go all the way forward, well as far as Melodie would let me go, she’s afraid of Ferris wheels and this (in her opinion) was a big one! It took 90 seconds to drop the 65’, and while doing so we watched the boats in the other tub going up. One lady going up said we should have gone all the way forward then told Melodie she was a sissy when Melodie shook her head no… I agreed with the lady. This was a great experience.


After this it was a short distance to a swing bridge that operates in concert with Lock #20 immediately after it to keep traffic flowing well.   This was a 12’ drop that took us right to Little Lake, it’s big centennial fountain and Peterborough Marina.

Here for the night. More to come….

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