More on that later….

So back to where we left off. We left Lovesick Lock on Friday mid-morning after spending time with the people we met while there. Great group of people, even invited us to their place in Bobcaygeon next time we pass through (guess we fooled em eh)? Friday was really nice and we were not in a hurry to leave the Kawartha area as it reminded us so much of Georgian Bay, lots of rock outcroppings, pretty bays and islands. As such we went through Burleigh Falls, lock 28, a 24’ drop (for those keeping track there is no lock 29 as a few years back locks 28 & 29 were combined). We decided to take a side jaunt on Stony Lake to McCracken’s Landing.


The people at McCracken’s landing (Carl, Rob and other seasonal people on the dock) were very friendly and helped us secure the MnM. After that we had a quick lunch and spent the afternoon on a dinghy ride all the way back to Burleigh Falls (crazy eh)? However the ride was nice, and the Falls are really something to see. Lots of people there, both by car and boat, as it has many great places to swim and relax while overlooking the falls and rapids.

We stayed there for a while and then decided to explore more of the lake doing our usual (looking for places to anchor out), and found a couple of possibilities – maybe for the next time…. We finished the day with Jeff the bartender at the Lantern restaurant who served up their special of the day – fresh halibut fish and chips – Yum!

Saturday, while slightly overcast was nice and warm and as such we decided to spend another day there as it was Saturday, and to Mike that means boat wash morning! So while he was doing that Melodie tidied up the inside. Following the cleanup it was time for a quick dip in the lake (74 degrees) and to sit on the back of the boat listening to String Cheese, Bedouin Soundclash, Bob Marley and other assortments of music. Another dinner at the Lantern, where we learned to make a “proper” Amaretto Sour (with egg whites), and a commitment to preparing our meals onboard for the next few days.


We left McCracken Landing to continue towards Peterborough.   Navigated back to the primary route through Hells Gate – where you want to pay attention – lots of buoys and the rocks they mark that you want to avoid. We heard of a local who was distracted while going through here, and will get their boat back sometime in the future, $60,000 later. Ironically, within Hells Gate there’s a church perched on a rocky island, when we passed it the Sunday service was in session.

Had a nice run through Clear Lake to Lock #27, a 7’ drop into Katcheanooka Lake with many future anchorage possibilities. We entered the Otonabee River/Trent Canal into a flight of five locks, #26-#22 in a 4.4 mile span. The lockmasters work together to keep the flow going, the same boats going through the locks together. As it ended up there were four boats going through together. Two houseboats, the MnM, and a very nice trawler with whom Mike struck up a conversation that continued at each lock. The houseboats were ahead of us and we felt sorry for the people on board as they struggled with keeping the boats under control given the currents in the river. A couple times we were concerned they were getting pulled too close to the dams, but on both occasions they managed to overpower the current and get into the lock safely.



…Now, back to the title of this blog:


We decided to stop for the night above Lock #22, Nassau Mills, a beautiful park setting (as most of the locks have been so far). As we approached the wall a very nice man took the bowline to hold us in place while I went back to secure the stern line. At that moment my mind drifted to a place where I thought I was Elastigirl from The Incredibles… or 21 again… thinking I could easily stretch my legs from the boat to the wall as the boat was drifting away from the very wall I planned to step onto. NOPE! As my mind came back to reality I realized my stretch-ability was grossly overestimated! My foot landed on nothing! I rode the side of the boat with one leg straddled over it (I guess I had drifted to watching the Lone Ranger – Hi Ho Silver… away and I really mean away!) trying with all my might to mount the MnM like a horse, this wasn’t working out too well…

Melodie – loudly: “MIKE!”

Mike looks back, starts sauntering through the cabin from the helm seat admiring the scenery….

Melodie – louder, with feeling: “MOVE!”….

He finally looks up and sees only my toukass and one arm on the right side of the cockpit. It’s then he realizes that I might need a little help (ya think?). Being a bit more responsive he dashes to my rescue, leaping over the door threshold and assorted bug bits to come to my rescue and saves the damsel in distress (his version of his response to my plea for help). So, once recovered, our friend on the Trawler – who, of couse, witnessed all of this – slowly drifts by, smiles and says “well, glad you didn’t get wet” (for the record my foot got wet). The nice man holding the bowline just stood, smiled sweetly, passed me the bowline to finish up and walked away. You know me, if you’re going to do something embarrassing it’s always good to have an audience! Net net – No harm other than stretched groin muscles, a wet foot and a bruised ego, at least I didn’t go all the way in.

After that excitement the rest of the evening was quite uneventful… no raccoons, bears, just a few bugs.


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