Fenelon Falls to Bobcaygeon to Lovesick Lock


After spending two wonderful days in Fenelon Falls we decided it was time to move on.  So on another warm, sunny day we were off to our next stop.  The run to Bobcaygeon was short, just an hour and a little bit.  We went through Fenelon Falls Lock, #34, a 24′ drop.  Went past the falls, they were very nice, pretty big and with a strong  current  below them.  We then proceeded down the Fenelon River, through Sturgeon Lake and on to Bobcaygeon.  _DSC0282.jpgArriving there we grabbed a space on the wall above the lock as there was no space below, and that was fine with us as it was hot and the breeze was good, much better than below.  We were there by noon, checked out the town, small but nice.  Bigley’s is the “big” store there (pun intended), and has lots of nice things.  Found a great pair of flip flops, $248!  Reluctantly decided to pass on the flippies 🙂  (Mike would have “flipped” out anyway- again pun intended)._DSC0272.jpg

We spent about two hours at the library updating the last blog post as they had the best wifi we could connect to…. it has been a challenge.  Had a very nice dinner at Bobcaygeon Inn overlooking Pigeon Lake, which has a great view of the lower part of the falls.  Very nice day.

The next morning was overcast and the forecast was for afternoon thunderstorms, some could be severe.  We decided to move on, get to our next stop and spend the afternoon reading.  We left about 9:45 AM, went through Bobcaygeon Lock, #32, a 5′ drop to Pigeon Lake.  Another beautiful lake with some pretty spectacular homes (there have been some spectacular homes all along the waterway).  Continued on through Gannon Narrows into Buckhorn Lake, through Buckhorn Narrows to Buckhorn Lock, #31, 11′ drop.  Decided not to stay here as there was a road running alongside the lock and a highway over it, pretty noisy but a beautiful area.  Continued on through Lower Buckhorn Lake to Lovesick Lock #30.

For those keeping track: we did not go through Lock #33, it is a side trip to Lake Scugog which is too shallow and maximum bridge clearance is 10’6″, we are 12’9″.  So that wasn’t going to work.

Lovesick Lock 30

Stopped at Lovesick Lock which is considered one, if not the, most beautiful lock according to some of the books and articles we’ve read.  It is on an island with four spillways around it.  The lock attendants use a boat to get there.  We were very lucky to get a spot on the upper wall, as the lower wall was full._DSC0304.jpg  We’ve heard that people sometimes get there as early as 8:00 AM to get a spot (trust me, not us).  A 50′ boat was coming up the lock to dock where we pulled in.  We worked together with the lock masters, who were great, to get both of us tucked in.  While dockage was tight, everyone was happy._DSC0397.jpg

The “thunderstorms” predicted turned into a beautiful, hot, sunny day by 1:00 PM so we spent the afternoon on a dinghy ride and walk on Fox Island instead of reading.  Apparently there are bears living on this island, didn’t see any but there was a picture of one walking across the lock bridge in the building.  Mike did see an otter or mink walking along the wall in the morning not sure which one.  We also saw a beaver swim across the lock area.  The lock attendants have planted many flowers and take a lot of pride in their lock, it was evident everywhere you looked.  It really is beautiful.


We had been told that the raccoons were quite pushy and not to leave food out.  We heard a story about a boater who had left a loaf of bread out in his galley and a raccoon went through his screen during the evening to get it.  So, we put everything away, even put the barbeque in the boat (instead of under the back seat outside) just to be safe.  Sometime in the middle of the night I thought I heard something, sat straight up in bed and said “oh boy, here we go!”  Mike patted me, said it was nothing, go back to sleep.  I laid back down, _DSC0376.jpglistened for a while, heard nothing else and decided I must have been dreaming so went back to sleep.  Next morning: nope, there were raccoon prints on the gunwale!  I was just glad they didn’t get curious about the open hatch and fall through the screen, that would have been a nightmare!  Mike’s take was “they didn’t wipe their feet before they boarded the boat”!

Lovesick lock 30 is definitely a lock that we could stay at multiple times.  It is so popular you can only spend one night there so off we go for another short jaunt to our next destination.

Till next time we have decent wifi!

Post note – My wife is becoming a bear to deal with on this trip!!




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