Fenelon Falls

Spent all of today to enjoy all Fenelon Falls has to offer.  Its a fun location with a lot to do.  Fenelon falls has taken a former railway and has converted it into a pedestrian trail, and after breakfast we decided to use it in the morning to go on a nice long bike ride, which we both needed after all the eating and “happy hour’s” we’ve been participating in.

Did a quick lunch, then proceeded to launch the dinghy.  Spent the entire afternoon circumnavigating the entire coastline of Cameron Lake – stopping along the way more than once to take a dip and “refresh” (you decide what that means) as it was sunny and hot, and the water was a very comfortable 73 degrees.

Melodie on Cameron Lake.jpg

After that we were back to the boat to enjoy the rest of the afternoon, as well as that early evening ice cream cone.  What a great day.

As per Nick’s request – more pictures of us… YOU ASKED FOR IT!!

We will be staying here for the evening and are planning to head to Bobcageon tomorrow.

See you then.

4 thoughts on “Fenelon Falls

  1. You are killing me with these pictures . I want to retire NOW. Instead I am sitting in a hotel room in Malaga not able to sleep at midnight !!

    Enjoy my friend . When we can talk I have some interesting stories to tell.



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