Big Chute – Lost Channel

We left Starport Marina on Little Lake to continue our journey and hopefully find a nice place to anchor for the night.  We then cruised through Gloucester Pool past many incredible “cottages” (AKA massive homes), it’s a beautiful area. We then went through Little Chute, a narrow passage with a strong current of 5 knots, downbound boats have right of way, announce on Ch 16 along with one long horn blast that they are coming as they cannot be seen until they are in the channel.  Little Chute led to Big Chute or what we called HOLY CHUTE!!  The run from Port Severn lock to Big Chute is about 45 minutes, it’s a short distance done at idle speeds due to all the cottages and docked boats. 

Big Chute - view from bowBig Chute/HOLY CHUTE is counted as a lock but it’s not, it’s a railway that portages vessels over land on twin tracks. Smaller boats with outboards and PWC’s sit on the platform, larger boats are secured in place via slings. You are then portaged between Gloucester Pool and the Upper Severn River, a 58 foot drop or elevation depending on what direction you are going… we went up.  O.M.G.!!  This was about the coolest thing ever!!!  You gently swing in the sling while taking pictures and videos and talking to the lift operators and people there to observe the boats.  Cannot wait to do it again.

Big Chute - from stern.jpgAfter leaving Big Chute (HOLY CHUTE!!)  we continued on a little ways further to Lost Channel, recommended by a local we met at Starport Marina.  It’s very beautiful with some cottages, not as many as other parts so far, however there are also many anchorage areas where you are not encroaching on the cottages.


We found a beautiful spot to tie up alongside a rock ledge and secured to the trees, with our fenders floating in the water to protect the boat.  There was a nice rock area where other boaters had made bonfires, unfortunately for us it was raining off and on so the S’mores will have to wait!  The rain held off long enough for cocktail hour on the back of the boat listeneing to the loons and watching a couple busy beavers in a small bay behind us.  Mike barbequed hamburgers under the umbrella and dinner was enjoyed inside with the doors open.  It was warm during the day and the rain cooled things down nicely.  A night of absolute silence, with not a ripple on the water.


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