Tobermory, Ontario

IMG_0492.JPGIt had been eleven years since our last visit to Tobermory, and this visit did not disappoint.  Tobermory has hardly changed since 2006, except for Craigies, which has undergone a remodel.  The remodel of the place puts an entirely new view on it; you now look out the back of the restaurant towards the harbor instead of looking at the street.  The food is as good as expected (no surprises under the plates! – inside joke).

IMG_0490The rest of the town however did not disappoint.  Shopping is still great, and the people there are happy to welcome and share their joy of being there with you.  The grocery store is well stocked, a laundry is immediately next door, and the washrooms and facilities are now where the harbormaster used to be located.  The gas dock is now at the entrance to Little Tub, much easier to access than in the old days.

IMG_0476While hanging on the ol’ MnM, one of the charter boat captains told us he had spent a lot of time at San Souci on Harsen’s Island, and asked us to have a drink for him there next time we visit.  Hmm…  what are the chances of that?

On our arrival day we spent the time catching up with all the town’s charm, and spent the second day hitting the shops and taking the dinghy to both Big Tub (yup…the wrecks are still there)  and to Russel Island, immediately north of the tip of the Bruce peninsula.  There’s a nice cove on Russel, and the rugged rock formations the area is known for made themselves very apparent there.

While there we caught up with two of the dive excursions, who were operating off the west shore of the island.  In one area we were able to get up close to one of the wrecks before heading back to Little Tub.

IMG_0466The rest of the day was spent getting our 10,000 steps in, walking around town.  All in all a very nice day and a half at the tip of the Bruce

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