Lexington, MI to Tobermory, ON

IMG_0470.JPGAfter several great days in Lexington it was time for us to head to our next destination, Tobermory, Ontario, on the tip of the Bruce Peninsula and IMO entry into the great cruising grounds of Georgian Bay and the North Channel.  Tobermory – what a GREAT start!!  We are truly lucky boaters to be here on the Great Lakes.

The trip started out nicely enough with clear skies and 1 – 3 feet predicted for our 120 nautical mile trip (138 miles).  About 30 miles out it was clear that Mother Tobermory was not happy that we had been away for over 10 years, as she advised Lake Huron to play with us a bit – we ended up in 4 foot (Mike datum), 5 foot (Melodie datum, and probably Dawn’s as well – hers might even have been a bit higher 🙂 !!) seas from the port stern for about 50 miles.  It was a great test of the boat, as she proved herself to us, handling them very well.  We never pounded, and we retained our planned speed of 21 knots with only a slight increase in fuel consumption, about 1 additional gallon per hour.  In any event, after a while Ms. Tobermory forgave us, as Lake Huron settled down to the point where we arrived in ‘Tob’ with nearly flat water.  Our trip plan was 6 hours and that was how we ended up.

Weather in Tobermory was great,  patches of sun and clouds, around 73 degrees.  The town has hardly changed at all, the biggest change I see is that Craigies has been remodeled and is no longer the red color I remember, it is now green (I wonder if the T-Shirt color has also changed?? :-)).  Walking through the harbour brought back great memories and made us remember why we love it here so much.  Lots of memories here!!

Internet in town demands patience.  We have lots of pictures but are waiting for them to upload….



More to come

Mike & Melodie.

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