Lexington, Michigan


Spent five days in Lexington, great little town with a wonderful marina. We had nine boats together on the floating docks from the Harbour Club.  Time spent relaxing on the docks, refreshments, food, pot luck dinner on Friday.  Unfortunately rain came during the pot luck and we all retreated to our boats to eat.


Lexington has a nice downtown shopping area, along with a good selection of restaurants.  Lexington Brewing Co & Wine House is always a good break from shopping.  A stay in Lexington is not complete without eating burgers and getting abuse (all in good fun, I think) at Wimpy’s.


While there we met up with Kevin and Phyllis, who rented a house in town.  They treated us to a great dinner, bonfire, conversation and a game of ladders …Melodie was intent on taking out the hosta’s (no points for that!).



IMG_3088Saturday evening we enjoyed a concert in the waterfront park featuring “Invasion”, a British tribute band.


The main event in Lexington is their fireworks display for the 4th of July holiday.   They are setoff from the breakwall, so they are right in front of the boats and are always spectacular.

A wonderful time in Lexington with some great friends.  Will miss them on the trip,  but its off to Tobermory we go!


MnM clear, standing by!

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